Why Choose a HAVEN Member?

Our membership in the HAVEN Association means we’re committed to professionalism, quality products and excellent customer service.

Accredited HAVEN Member

It can be hard for property owners to know who to trust with their home renovations. Membership in highly regarded organizations, such as the HAVEN, is one way building and renovation companies like ours can prove their dedication to professionalism.

The Association has, for over a quarter century, represented home building professionals across the Lower Mainland. That includes: builders, renovators, building supply manufacturers and providers, government agencies and financial institutions.

When you see the HAVEN logo on our website, it means we uphold their high standards for quality and ethical service to our customers.

Looking out for Your Best Interests:

  • It consults with governments on policies and programs that impact consumers and the building industry.
  • It promotes research into better materials, products and building techniques to help the industry evolve and improve.
  • The HAVEN also offers education and training opportunities to its member companies.
  • It advocates for choice, quality and affordable housing.
  • It helps buyers make informed decisions by offering consumer education through numerous vehicles: the First-Time Home Buyer Seminar, participation in home shows, and a wide range of publications.
  • Members of the HAVEN, like Restoration Hardwood, agree to a Code of Ethics that protects their customers.