Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Regardless of your floors condition our expert craftsmen possess the skills needed to restore your floors natural character and beauty.

Dust Free Sanding

Our advanced refinishing system employs high-powered vacuums, resulting in a much cleaner, healthier refinishing process.

Durable Finishes

We use the most durable, environmentally friendly hardwood floor finishes available. Your floors will last for years to come.

Before and After

Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery where you will see first hand the big difference refinishing hardwood makes.

When To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Wood floors are well liked for their durable quality and timeless appearance. When other flooring products become outdated hardwood floors can grow to look better with age. However, time will eventually take its toll on even the finest hardwood floors, resulting in floors that you would rather cover up with a throw rug than show off to your friends and family.

How do you determine if your floor is in need of a refinishing? If your hardwood floors contain light surface scratches and minimal fading then a thorough cleaning and one topcoat of finish may be all that’s needed to restore the original luster and beauty of the wood. On the other hand if your floors contain deep scratches and stains have been deeply imbedded into areas of the floor where the finish has worn off, you will want to consider refinishing.

When your hardwood floors have seen better days and it is time to get them refinished we hope that Restoration Hardwood will be the company in Vancouver that you choose.

What We Offer

  • Satisfaction Guarantee. The job is not finished until your 100% satisfied
  • We can bring back the original finish to any hardwood floor.
  • Dust-free hardwood refinishing. No mess is ever left behind.
  • Custom staining which gives you the option of changing the colour of your hardwood.
  • Hardwood maintenance coats for high traffic areas (screen and recoats).
  • Skilled hardwood floor refinishing specialist with over 12 years experience.
  • Free on-site estimates.
  • “A” Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Recommended by Shell Busey HouseSmart Network.