Dust Free Hardwood Refinishing

We guarantee that when we are done refinishing your hardwood floors there will never be any dust left behind for you to clean up.

Never Any Dust Left Behind

At Restoration Hardwood we know that no one likes to live in renovation mode. Having your hardwood floors refinished and looking wonderful only to have the rest of your house covered in dust that will take you months to find and clean up is frustrating to say the least. That is why we’ve invested in a dust free sanding system.

Rather than using canvas bags, which frequently develop holes and allow dust to escape, we use a high-powered vacuum system. These are used in conjunction with cyclonic separators and Hepa filters which make the process the best in the industry.

Many companies will charge extra for this service, we include it at no additional cost. We don’t believe in charging our customers extra for good service. If dust free sanding is available, it’s our responsibility to include it and our customers right to expect it on every job.

3 Step Process

  1. First we hang plastic and seal off doorways trapping dust in the room that is being sanded.
  2. Second we use the highly efficient Red Raider 220 volt vacuum system, which is augmented with cyclonic separators that effectively filter and remove all dust from your home.
  3. Lastly we always wipe down all horizontal surfaces in and around the work area as a final guarantee that the sanding is dustless.