Hardwood flooring has a certain undeniable appeal to it, don’t you think?

Whether you’re planning to install one for your commercial or residential space, the rich aesthetics of this type of flooring choice lend themselves very well to the ambience, not to mention make them versatile for any room and application!

But are there any benefits post-installation? Is the hardwood floor refinishing cost really worth the investment? We’re about to explore that right here!

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Without further ado, let’s delve into the cost vs benefits of hardwood flooring. 


Polished and Luxurious Appeal

Corporate spaces typically put careful thought into aesthetics as these witness huge amounts of traffic in terms of employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and investors. Hardwood flooring is the go-to option because it makes the interiors look sophisticated, roomy and ageless. 

And because these run the gamut from light to dark and are available in so many attractive colours, you will never be left confined to a limited few options. Whether you want to achieve a funkier setting or opt for a more muted environment, hardwood flooring can get you there!

What is the best colour for hardwood flooring? There is no easy answer and the main precedent is your individual preference. As far as cleaning specifically, lighter floors show less dirt than darker floors. Dents and scratches are more prominent on darker floors. Popularity-wise, darker floors have been more popular with clients in general. 


Cleaning and Maintenance is a Breeze

As opposed to other options that are frustrating to work with, it’s easy to keep hardwood flooring spic and span even in zones that see a lot of foot traffic. Quality floors won’t collect a lot of dirt or debris to begin with – even more so with smoother and non-porous finishes. 

What is the best thing to use to clean wood floors? A weekly dusting, mopping and sweeping of your floors is a great start. Be sure to use manufacturer-approved cleaning products, else you risk ruining the veneer of the flooring if you opt for harsher chemicals. Dry the floors with a clean cloth after. 

A question we often get asked is; Is it safe to use vinegar to clean hardwood floors? Do NOT use vinegar to clean your hardwood floors, even if you’re diluting it with water. Vinegar is known to break down the floor’s finish and reduce shine over time. Moreover, using vinegar and water leads to excess liquid on the floor which may cause it to swell or get discoloured. 


Easier on the Feet

It’s true. Hardwood floors are malleable in that they don’t pushback when walking or standing on them as other materials like concrete might. Rather, they complement the natural groove of the foot and cushion the feet and joints. 

Of course, some hardwood flooring is much harder than others. It’s best to consult with the supplier before putting your money down. 

What is the hardest hardwood floor? The hardest hardwood floor is hickory, which is 5 times harder than the softest, aspen. 


Long-Term Investment

There’s nothing more annoying than having to replace your floors every 5 years or so. Plus, think about the heavy strain that will put on your wallet. 

Hardwood flooring is typically more expensive than other options. However, the initial capital investment reaps a great ROI. These flooring options outlast their counterparts and fetch a higher price than your initial investment upon resale. 


Yes, It Even Enhances the Air Quality

This one is not the most obvious benefit, but it’s completely true. As we’ve mentioned earlier, hardwood flooring does not allow mites, dirt, pollen and other allergens to cling to it. This is something that you would experience with carpet flooring. Your corporate premises will be so much cleaner with the former. 

Because the environment is much cleaner, your employees’ health and safety are taken care of as well when you install hardwood floors. 


How About the Price Tag?

This is what it really boils down to, isn’t it? It’s time to talk numbers!

How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of hardwood floors? This is hard to pin down as it varies per product. Typically, you’re looking at $8 per square foot for engineered hardwood and another $2 per square foot for installation. 

How much does it cost to refinish my hardwood flooring? For a 15×15 square foot room, you’re looking ar anything between $350 to $1,000. Cost varies based on the quality of the previous finishing and the screening, sanding, staining, finishing and coating techniques used. 


Want to See These Benefits Come to Life in Your Commercial Space?

Get Affordable Hardwood Floors!

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We pride ourselves on quality and affordability. Rest assured, you won’t have to clean out your bank account to get the floors you love even for large-scale commercial projects.

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